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New Year, New Food

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Get ready...this 2023 is the year of new beginnings, and delicious changes!

2022 was an interesting year, to say the least. For us here at Celebrity Delly it was a year of many changes. A newly remodeled shopping center, a new community townhome construction behind our store, and our first year fully open since 2020 for in-room dining. Along with all of these challenges came new hiring challenges and trying to maintain a menu that no longer works in today's climate. This led to many failures in keeping certain menu items in stock and available. When considering stock supply shortages, rising food costs, and overall general pandemic hardships that have lingered in the industry, not all of this could be contributed to our business. At the same time, we felt that we could have done a better job at providing you with a better dining and ordering experience.

With these considerations in mind, we have spent the past 4 months crafting a new menu that will excite you (our guests), reinvigorate the restaurant you know and love, and provide you with a reliable menu that we can be proud to serve.


Our new menu has been designed for ease of use, new menu items, and so much more!

You may look at our new menu and think, "I know these items, what are you trying to pull?!" It may seem that way at first glance, but there is so much more to this menu than meets the eye.

The all NEW Celebrity Delly menu isn't just some "design gimmick". Our new menu has been designed for an easier read, more detailed information regarding dietary restrictions, and more important than OPTIONS!

Overall Design

The first thing you'll notice from our new menu is our color scheme. The high contrast of the blackboard background design allows for easier reading while also allowing you to clearly understand our menu options with its beautiful stark white lettering. To better enhance your viewing experience, we have removed many of the extra visuals from our old menu. No photos, no extra descriptors...just clean concise options. Furthermore, we are doubling down on our digital menu experience. While this is standard for many other businesses, with our menu changes, price increases, and a menu expansion like you've never seen before, the need for digital menus is a must.

Color Coding

Understanding our available options for all of our guests is of major importance to us. Many guests require gluten-free options, vegan/vegetarian options, and the like. This is something that we have dedicated ourselves to providing to our guests moving forward. This is why starting today, our new menu includes, an easy-to-read, "RED ASTERISK" which will denote if an item IS or can become a Gluten-Free option. We spent time with a menu specialist to analyze our recipes to clarify which items are by nature, gluten-free, what menu items we could tweak to make them gluten-free (without compromising our quality), and which items can be made into a gluten-free option using gluten-free bread.

As the months continue, we will be continuing this trend with brand new vegan and vegetarian sections to our menu to expand on this color coding option.

Menu Options Galore!

The most exciting feature of our new menu is how many options we are offering. It could be said we have gone a bit over the top with the sheer amount of choices, but when considering our FULL-YEAR PLAN, you can be certain that you can eat with us every week of the year without ordering the same menu item!

We are so excited to share with you all the amount of work put into our new menu. For the first time ever, we have built in a "Build Your Own Sandwich" section which truly shows you the number of options you have available at your disposal. Included in these new options are the sizes of sandwiches you can order from our establishment.

You may be wondering, "what is Celebrity Delly's fully year plan?". It is a great question that we will now explain.

For the next 52 weeks of the year, Celebrity Delly will be launching a new menu item every week of the year. You heard that right! Each week, we will incorporate a new menu item that has never been seen before and those items will become a permanent part of our menu moving forward. By the end of 52 weeks, you will get to be a part of our menu transformation and see it unfold in real-time. We are excited about this opportunity as it has never been done before and that we will be able to bring you along for the ride!

Our new Sandwiches section not only is easier to read, but the amount of options truly abound. With over 32 options on one page alone, you can be sure you won't be running out of options any time soon.

Price Increases

One of the biggest changes which always cause concern for most guests is rising prices. While this is one of your deepest concerns, I can tell you without hesitation, it is one that keeps us up at night. In the past, we started offering 1/2 size sandwich options for some of our menu items to stave off rising prices. However, as time has passed, we have understood the importance of offering it across a broader menu selection. With this in mind, we have made ALL of our sandwich & submarine options available in the 1/2 sandwich size! But we didn't just stop there. While increasing the quality of certain menu items such as our burgers, you can now choose how many patties come on your burger.

Feeling peckish? Try a SHORTY (1/4LB BURGER PATTY). Looking for a 1/2 Reuben...we've got you covered. Hankering for a 1/2 I'll Have What She's problem. Perhaps just simply a 1/2 Pastrami on Rye?... You got it because WE GOT IT! Now, by nature, some items cannot be offered in half-sandwich form. But you can be sure that if it can be offered in a 1/2 sandwich format, we will absolutely do it. This option really allows us to offset rising costs and provide you with many more price options to fit your budget.

Before Covid, we wouldn't have imagined that within 3 years we would have to charge $17-$19 for our standard-size sandwich. At the same time, this is the world we live in. With rising chicken, egg, and meat costs, our goal was to still provide you with pre-covid pricing at a reasonable value. This is the purpose of our 1/2 sandwich & 1/2 submarine menu items. While enjoying a large New York-style portion is our goal, you can now opt for a HALF of a portion while also getting a side option to fill you up.

The New Celebrity Delly

We are so excited for all of you to be a part of this new vision for Celebrity Delly and to take this ride along with all of you. While we are still firmly rooted in the rich tradition of everything that came before us and the traditional Jewish Deli aesthetic from which we were born, we are immensely excited for the future of our restaurant and to show you all what the future of Celebrity Delly can be.

So please join, subscribe, and more importantly...ORDER from us to join in our journey! We wish you all luck and good fortune in 2023 and cannot wait to see you at the end of the line!

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1 commentaire

I appreciate this detailed post that explained some of the thoughts and situations that went into you making these changes. The menu looks great...and I see some poutine in my near future. Thanks and good luck!

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