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Vasen Golden Walrus

Vasen Golden

This gorgeous golden ale may not look like the stouts you're used to, but its roasted chocolatey character is undeniable. We started with a base of nutty English Maris Otter malt together with oats and malted wheat to give this brew the silky smooth mouthfeel of a classic stout. After fermentation, we added local coffee beans from Recluse Roasting Project and cacao nibs to impart rich, chocolatey, roasted flavors. We think it's the perfect companion for evenings on the patio as the fall weather slowly rolls in to Richmond.

Location: Vienna, VA

*Pairs well with: Salads, Brunch/Breakfast Items, Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Burgers & Dogs

Pax Pils

Pax Pils

Our only import. Pax Pils is brewed with soft water drawn up from the well that has proved ideal for the production of this type of beer. This refreshing, slightly bitter pils is a veritable session beer, one of those that go down very easily. Pax Pils contains plenty of malt which provides more character than your average pils.

*Pairs well with: Reubens, Sandwiches, Submarines, Grilled Cheeses, Poutine

Location: Linburg, Belgium

Woke Up Sexy Again IPA

Woke Up Sexy

You know you've looked in the mirror and said, "I look good!" Blend of Vienna, Pilsner, White Wheat malt along with Mosaic and Amarillo hops gives this Juicy Hazy IPA a Grapefruit and Tropical taste profile.

Location: Lovettsville, VA

*Pairs well with: Salads, Hot Dogs, Pastrami, Burrata, Appetizers, Cheesesteaks, Burgers

Valor Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Location: Lovettsville, VA

Crushable Pale Ale is dedicated to our service men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country and our freedom. Citra, Cascade, Amarillo and Warrior Hops. 

*Pairs well with: Pastrami, Burgers, Nova Lox, Whitefish Salad, Kimchi Reuben, Chili 

Vasen Vienna Lager


This caramel forward lager has a more complex and malty flavor palette than your classic, crisp lager. It has a slight nuttiness reminiscent of an amber or brown ale, but lightens up before you swallow.

Location: Vienna, VA

*Pairs well with: Poutine, Grilled Cheese, Salmon Salad, Fried Fish Supreme, Hot Dogs

Hike the Alps Hefeweizen

Hike the Alps

Brewed with German malted wheats and barley, and a unique Bavarian ale strain. This light and doughy wheat ale has notes of banana and clove inspired by the open fermentation at a famous brewery in Kelheim. Take a sip and be transported.

Location: Riverdale Park, MD

*Pairs well with: Fried Chicken Salad, Hot Honey Crispy Chicken, Chicken Caesar, Yellowstone, Salads, Apple Pie, Nova Lox

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