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Power Restored

During the past 3 months, it has been a frustrating period, and we are grateful for your support & patronage.

2023 cannot come soon enough. We would personally like to apologize for many of the inconveniences over the past 3 months. Ongoing construction behind our shopping center is a wonderful sign of progress for our area, however, it has not been without its growing pains.

The month of August struck our shopping center with 2 specific instances of power outages. The first incident occurred when an unmarked power line was struck by the nearby construction crews (to no fault of their own. They did their due diligence... but things happen). The second incident was caused by a neglectful worker with the construction crew which downed our shopping center for the second time in less than 30 days. To their credit, EYA (the builder of the townhomes which will attach to our shopping center) has been nothing but delightful to work with and they have worked with us tremendously to be sure these accidents will no longer take place.

However, today we found ourselves again without power...and again due to issues beyond our control. The particular issue, which took place today, was due to a damaged power line that inadvertently happened when Dominion Energy replaced our shopping center's electrical transformer. Dominion Energy was quick to identify the issue and worked quickly and diligently to make sure this will no longer be an issue. The details are almost laughable but as our luck has seemed to have it, the issue only affected our singular location and no other location in the shopping center. Our particular power line (which powers our location) was damaged and after about a month, became exposed to the elements which caused us to close today even before we were able to open our doors. As I am sure this has been frustrating to many of our loyal patrons, please know this is not something we take lightly NOR are we happy about the situation. We rely on our community's support to thrive and these many issues have been very difficult for us. With an aged shopping center that has been under construction, a remodel last year that limited parking spaces, and the COVID pandemic for over 2 years, I can tell you that this is the last thing we need or want.

Getting up in the morning and making our favorite foods for you, our guests is why we do what we do. There is never a moment where we do not wish we can provide you with what we know to be the best food you can get in our area. It is our source of pride. Having these problems come up again and again...well, it is beyond frustrating.

While I have shared with you all of these tiny little details, I am pleased to note that our power has been restored today. Sadly, we did not have enough time for us to reopen and bring back all of our staff. However, I can confidently state that we will be open again tomorrow during our normal business hours and look forward to serving you again. So please, if you made the trip to see us today and were unable to do so, we are so sorry. If you're here every day (as we know many are) and this made your day a little less normal, we apologize, If you wanted just a little taste of Delly today and you couldn't get it, we hate to know that happened. Sometimes, things like this are beyond our control and we hope it does not discourage you from visiting our location in the future. With all of you here, it makes OUR day just a bit brighter.

We are grateful to all of you,

Julie Rossler-Thompson & William Thompson

Celebrity Delly & Catering Ownership

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