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Celebrity Delly was started in 1975 by Chuck & Sharon Rossler. Over the course of 35 years, Celebrity Delly has built a reputation of quality, delicious food. In 2010, Julie Rossler-Thompson and William Thompson joined to carry on the legacy of Celebrity Delly to bring it into the future. While respecting the work that came before in the form of a Jewish Style Delicatessen, Julie & William have pushed forward in creating the Delly of the future. 

Today, while carrying on our traditional Jewish fare, we have created new menu items which combine the traditional fare and have created a new-age fusion menu. This new-age fusion menu pushes the envelope of what a traditional Jewish deli can do and truly moves us into the modern era.

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Kitche Commado


We recently had the pleasure of filming an episode on the new series Kitchen Commando with Chef Andre Rush on Tubi.

It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity. 

With this being said, please know that we at Celebrity Delly do not plan on changing our dining experience to the format which was suggested to us during the episode. The idea for offering a 5-course menu was designed to get more social media interaction engagement online. Not for us to move to this restaurant format. 


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