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Kitchen Commando airs Ep.4 Starring CELEBRITY DELLY

Chef Andre Rush is cooking food DAMMIT!

In late 2022, we at Celebrity Delly were approached to film a TV show. The focus of the show was to feature small businesses with longevity, deep roots in the community, and who had survived Covid. With a mandate to uplift the featured business on their show, we were very excited to be a part of something which would inspire and contribute to our community rather than tear down and shame.

Who is Chef Andre Rush?
Chef Rush has served the White House on several occasions and has served 4 presidents over the past 30 years. His show, Kitchen Commando is a branch of Gordon Ramsay's newest Global Food Network

Chef Andre Rush is a Mississippi native, an Army Master Sergeant Rush, and a 23-year military veteran. He has worked as a senior aide to West Point's superintendent and trained as a chef while serving his country, mastering everything from pastry and chocolate sculpting to ice carving.

Rush enlisted as active duty in the US Army in 1993. He has been deployed several times and has served as a trainer in hand-to-hand combat and food service. In 1997, he began to cook at the White House. He has served the presidential administrations of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. He worked at the White House part-time while simultaneously working at The Pentagon. He was in the gym of the Pentagon when it was hit during the September 11, 2001 attacks, and chose to volunteer for combat duties afterward

In June 2018, Rush received fame when he was photographed by CNN reporter Kate Bennett and Wall Street Journal reporter Vivian Salama preparing a Ramadan meal for a White House dinner. The photo of him cooking on the White House lawn during the annual White House Iftar dinner circulated on Twitter, and subsequently went viral. Later that year, Rush signed a deal to produce a television show entitled Chef in the City. He has since left his job as a White House chef.

Suddenly, the internet couldn’t get enough of the Army veteran who’s cooked for four Presidents—and also happens to be a master ice sculptor and cake decorator who could bench press 700 pounds. He was a viral sensation. Really, wasn’t it only a matter of time before someone gave this guy a TV show? Enter celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who executive produced Kitchen Commando, a new series featuring Rush whose focus is to assist small local businesses to get back to their glory days.

What it's all about

A BTS look at Celebrity Delly's dining room being prepped for TV

After many months of remaining quiet until our episode was announced, we are now able to announce that Celebrity Delly will be on this week's (Sunday, March 5th) episode of Kitchen Commando airing on TUBI. Tubi is a free streaming app where you can sign up for free and watch shows for free. No strings attached and no hidden sign-up fees.

This experience, while not knowing what to expect, I can say we had the pleasure of working with some of the most beautiful, professional, and quality people we have ever gotten to before. Not only was it great to work with these great individuals, but it was also a very heartfelt experience. Our founder and Father, Chuck Rossler left behind a rich and beautiful legacy for us, and for his creation to be featured on this show for a full episode... was in some ways a beautiful send-off to him and all he accomplished on this earth. The gratitude we have for this experience is beyond words and we are grateful to Tubi, Chef Andre Rush, and all of the production staff for how they made us feel so comfortable during this process. Each of you deserves an Emmy for each of your fields. And to Chef, you certainly know your stuff. Thank you all for the opportunity and we hope you all tune in THIS SUNDAY, MARCH 5TH to see what Celebrity Delly can do!

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