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Permanent Outdoor Seating, Now available

A new way to enjoy our fresco!

Our outdoor patio area is ready to receive!

After a brief moment of glory during the Pandemic Days of outdoor seating, shopping center remodeling, and the new townhomes being built around us, Celebrity Delly is proud to bring to you our newest way for guests to enjoy our food...with outdoor dining!

Starting Thursday, July 13th, you will be able to enjoy our PERMANENT outdoor dining area in front of Celebrity Delly. We have seating for up to 24 people and we are planning on expanding this seating space to 42 available outdoor seats.

Along with the front seating area, we will be expanding our seating along the new railing built on the sidewalk

Our seating capacity is designed for 4 people per table on our brand new outdoor ecofriendly teak and black metal tables with matching chairs. As the night progresses, fear not as our umbrellas feature 100% green energy lighting provided by solar powered LED lighting.

With all of these new features, you can be sure to walk up, grab a cup of coffee, enjoy a breakfast sandwich and enjoy the beautiful weather all at Celebrity Delly!

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