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We Are Open! Despite Remodeling of Facades, Celebrity Delly is Better than Ever!

Our doors will always be open for business no matter what is thrown our way!

The outward appearance may seem grim, but Celebrity Delly is NOT closed. As we have learned over the past few years, all is not what it seems.

Federal Realty, our property management company for the Graham Park Plaza, has set upon the task of remodeling our property. As we have said previously, our shopping center is going through a radical transformation. As many of you know, the western portion of Graham Park Plaza was sold last year to a builder know as EYA. This reputable company has recently demolished the entire western portion of the shopping center, from the old Loehmann's store all the way down to the Bova store location. This new space will include 120 NEW TOWNHOMES!

The western part of Graham Park Plaza. This location once included Loehmann's, Total Fitness, the Movie theatre, all the way down to Bova
The western part of Graham Park Plaza. This location once included Loehmann's, Total Fitness, the Movie theatre, all the way down to Bova

These massive changes may make one wonder, what is happening to Celebrity Delly?! Well, I can assure all of you that we are not going ANYWHERE! As of October of 2019, we have signed a new lease for Celebrity Delly to be here for a long while. We love our community, we love your passion for our food and are honored to have been supported by this wonderful community for 46 years. In turn, your support has provided for 20 local families to survive during this last year. COVID wasn't pleasant for many and many struggled and continue to do so. Your support of our business has been vital for us and it is our commitment to you to stay right where we are and weather this new obstacle and focus on the light at the end of this tunnel.

Providing great food and seeing its effect on our beloved guests is why we get up in the morning. The truth is, many other businesses do what we do, but they cannot do it as well as we do. So while we could fold our hand after everything from COVID, to shutdown, to social distancing, to this new obstacle...we have decided to double down! Even though others could do what we do, we cannot sit on the sidelines and let someone else take the reins.

This tunnel has been created by the construction team to prevent any debris to fall on you, our guests.
Speaking of Lights at the end of tunnels...Our New Entrance. Well lit and perhaps ripe for a Step & Repeat!

Is this situation ideal?...No. But we are confident our community which has done so much for us, will continue to support our business! In turn, we have spent the past year redoubling our commitment to providing you with amazing food and our braintrust has not disappointed.

This past year we have really put the peddle to the metal. We have featured more specials than ever and are excited about our future! From reinventions of old classics, to tweaking our regular menu, and also creating brand new menu items, this has been a year of innovation!

While things are changing, we are still the same Celebrity Delly we have always been. Chuck Rossler, our founder and father, used to run specials that were out of left field but were the most amazing and flavorful meals one could remember having. We are still blazing the trail he set forth and we cannot wait for you to try what's coming next.

Proposed mock ups of the front of Celebrity Delly
A New Look for our front

New Rear Look of Property

These are proposed mock ups of our property. What an amazing idea! Warm, inviting, and the new look of our shopping center. With new townhomes around and behind us, Celebrity Delly will be centered around a bustling community where you can always find great food and friends!

So, as Bob Dylan so perfectly put it, "The times, they are a-changing". And even though a new community is being built around us, we promise to always be here for you. For those early morning brunches, the graduation from school, the passing of a friend, to the beginning of a new family...we promise to always be there for you so that your family can make new memories with us as we always have.

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