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Introducing Celebrity Catering

Celebrity Delly is proud to present a new Division of the Celebrity Delly Family; Celebrity Catering

For the past 47 years, Celebrity Delly & Catering has been a part of the very fabric of our community. We have been honored you have chosen us for your weddings, bris, christenings, baptisms, B'nai mitzvahs, graduations, shivas, funerals to corporate events, holiday events, BBQ's and so many more than we care to mention because we have been a part of so many lives in our area. It's simply a privilege to have witnessed so many wonderful, beautiful, and life-changing events.

After decades of providing our clients with incredible food and excellent customer service, we have made the decision to expand our catering services into a fully new venture. Today, we present to you, our friends and family, an all-new catering experience we call Celebrity Catering.

What is Celebrity Catering?

Catering shouldn't be just feeding should be an experience.

So what is it about Celebrity Catering that differentiates us from every other caterer? After 47 years of experience, the one thing we notice from many other caterers and our clients' experience from working with them, is the lack of personal attention. Catering should be experiential. It should be about attention to detail and having enough knowledge about our industry to provide you with cost-saving measures for your event while also giving outstanding quality food and service. These central concepts are at the heart of what Celebrity Catering is as a caterer.

Having provided catering from the everyday luncheon to Fortune 500 companies and more, these are the tenets by which we live. When you order from Celebrity Catering, if we have control over it, you can be sure your event will go off without a hitch. However, problems do arise and when they do, you can be doubly sure we can and will adapt at the drop of a hat.

What Can You Expect?

Our mission is to provide you with a seamless catering experience with our classics along with new and exciting options. "I didn't know you do what you can do", and we are excited to show you.

A preview of our site

Celebrity Catering isn't just some fluff piece of marketing. It is a whole new way to experience all we can do as a catering company. For years, we have only been able to focus on our restaurant with catering features. It has come to the point that many of our clients note, "I didn't know you can do what you do". There truly is so much we have to offer that many had difficulty finding or understanding how far our catering skills can go. While our restaurant is still a daily focus for our business, with this new expansion, more team members, and trained staff, Celebrity Catering offers a focused experience solely on the quality of food, prompt delivery, and a whole host of new and exciting menu items.

Our new website is packed with information while also being easily navigable. This is designed to assist you with even the simplest order. Along with tons of info to assist in your ordering, our staff is available to assist via email or chat. With account login services, future rewards programs for premier clients, a digital wallet for your purchases, order history features, address management, and online ordering features for those confident in their choices, you can be sure your data is secure and your order locked in.

So while Celebrity Catering will be a larger growing brand and new arm of the Celebrity Delly family, you can still expect the same great quality you always have from Celebrity Catering.

We look forward to our bright future together and look forward to working with you, as we always have.


-Celebrity Delly & Catering Family

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