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1/2 Sandwiches/Sub Are Here & Are Here to Stay

With gas prices completely out of control and no real end in sight, we are willing to do more than our government will

He's happy because he knows he's saving with CELEBRITY DELLY afterward!

For years, CELEBRITY DELLY has been a local community watering hole. A place for delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We've been doing it for 47 years and we are proud to be such an important part of our community. So when we see the state of affairs all around from rising gas prices, food price surging, and more, we feel an obligation to do our part to ease the suffering of many in our community.

Now, during our entire history never once have we ever offered a smaller version of our sandwiches. Our roots are embedded in the heart of the old school New York Jewish Deli which provided more than enough food to you, the guest that no Jewish mother would dare say, "you're not eating enough!"

Smaller portions look skimpy and lazy. Thinner, "skinny" sandwiches never leave you with that ever satiated feeling Jewish Delis have offered for decades.

Well, the braintrust over here at CELEBRITY DELLY put all of our limited, yet effective brainpower together to figure out a way to make the 1/2 SANDWICH work...and by God we did it! What we have done is still created a half sandwich that feels full and stacked without skimping on and quality or ingredients.

The Half Sandwich in the foreground is what you can expect from our NEW half Sandwich Menu which includes one of our amazing sides.

Now, almost 90% of our Famous Sandwiches are offered as a HALF SANDWICH PORTION. But why stop there! We went further and now offer 1/2 SUBS AS WELL. And yet, we still didn't feel like we went far enough, so now all of our HALF SANDWICHES/SUBS COME WITH YOUR CHOICE OF SIDE!

Listen, is this really going to solve all of the worlds problems? Will this save lives? Are we answering the meaning of life and everything in it? No. But at least you can save money, feed the whole family, and put some more of that hard earned money into your next vacation, the run to the office, or for whatever you need.

Couple this with our Nightly Specials (4pm-8pm) which include:

  • Monday's 1/2 Price Burger Night

  • Tuesday's Taco Tuesday

  • Wednesday's $10 Steak & Cheese

  • Thursday's Kids eat for $2.50

  • Friday's Happy Hour (1/2 Price Beer & Wine)

  • and Don't forget Happy Hour Every Night from 4pm - 8pm

We feel like the value you get from dining with us beats any other place in the area. We actually dare you to find any place in Northern Virginia doing as much as we are for our guests.

It is our hope these modest adjustments will assist in your daily living and keep you coming back to your favorite place to eat and hangout with your loved ones. In any case, we're just proud to be a part of your lives. So ORDER NOW and treat yourself while saving money and maybe find out the meaning of life while you're at it, for us.

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