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Other Restaurants Add SURCHARGES to Menu. Not us.

As other restaurants are figuring out how to survive during COVID-19, many are including a surcharge to your bill, but not Celebrity Delly.

A copy of an undisclosed restaurant's receipt with a ugly new trend.

As fears of Coronavirus are in full swing, many businesses are finding it more and more difficult to keep their heads above water. It really is an unenviable position in which businesses are finding themselves. With meat prices rising, unavailability of products, and a slew of shipping issues due to the lack of workers, the world has really changed and has affected industry costs.

With these ideas in mind many are taking action. More recently, many establishments have adopted the policy of tacking on a surcharge to your check. This has been a way to fight the effects of increased prices which the restaurants have been incurring.

While we understand the purpose and reason for these new policies, let me make this very clear about Celebrity Delly's thoughts on the matter. IT IS ABSOLUTELY LAZY. It's an abhorrent way to do business. It lacks transparency, ownership, and is a third-rate move. While we are empathetic with these businesses, this is a very slippery slope which sets a dangerous precedent.

As far as transparency, simply adopting a broad over-reaching surcharge on all prices is absolutely ludicrous. We have had our own issues with procuring certain products but mainly we have had issues with our beef prices. Beef pricing has been increased 3 fold on our beef prices. But with this being said, you can see we will not raise prices across the board, rather we will simply increase the price on this 1 particular item. This gives you your right of CHOICE.

When you order from Celebrity Delly, we notify you of every individual price change so you can make a CHOICE

As you can see in the above shot, we have provided you with accurate up to date information which you can use to make a more informed decision. This way you are aware of the price of an item increasing and YOU can choose if you are willing to pay for that specific item. This is where we have a huge issue with other restaurant's business practices. Some of these increases have gone up and beyond 5% increases. Why should someone who is not interested in Roast Beef pay more across the board for something they do not wish to buy? These companies are telling you, you have to pay more for something you do not wish to buy. They are taking away your ability to choose. Our promise to you is to always be transparent of our practices and to inform you when an item may need to have a temporary price increase. WE TAKE OWNERSHIP OF OUR ACTIONS.

Yes, we understand the times have changed and we are all trying to survive these times. But the moment businesses decide to take away your right to choose what you want to pay for, it becomes a short throw away from making you pay for things they believe you should be paying for. Instead of them doing their job of caring for the customer, these businesses are slapping on an arbitrary surcharge because they do not wish to deal with it. Higher food cost?...SURCHARGE, Higher rent?...SURCHARGE, Higher utilities?...SURCHARGE! Where does it end.

On the other hand, you have Celebrity Delly, whom is offering 20% dine-in guests and 10% off carry-out and delivery. We believe during difficult times it is important for us to support those who cannot...not gouge you with a superfluous surcharge. Restaurants deal with these issues on a daily basis. If these other companies were good at their jobs, they wouldn't need a surcharge.

In short, if you find a restaurant which is doing this, tread with caution. Our Celebrity Delly Family would be up in arms if we charged a surcharge. Tha'ts how much they care about you, our clientele. What does it say about these other business's staffs who don't?

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