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Newly Renovated & Remodeled Celebrity Delly takes the Stage during COVID-19

Paradigms shift constantly so, as Bob Dylan said it best, "The times, they are a changing" and so must we. So what have we up to while you all have been gone?...We're glad you asked!

Paint, Replace, Light, Repeat

Newly remodeled dining room. New artwork is going up this week

During the downtime of our closed dining area, we at Celebrity Delly have taken the time to reinvest ourselves into the overall look, feel, functionality, and safety of our location. What this means is that you can expect a more clean, fresh, and safer environment in which to dine.

In our dining room we have removed all of our old ceiling tiles and replaced every single one with new white ceiling tiles and new LED, energy efficient bulbs. Along with the ceiling tiles and lights in the dining room, we have done the same throughout our entire restaurant. This creates a well lit area for you to dine in with an ever clean feel. To compliment this new feel, we replaced much of the drywall and repainted our dining room to a clean and simple white color.

A Cut Above

Newly stripped and sanded butcher block tables

Along with new decor, artwork and lighting, we took the time to replace all of our chairs and are in the process of replacing all table bases to all of our tables. Regarding our cutting board tables, all of the tables have been stripped, sanded and oiled to a perfect finish.

Grab & Go? As along as you don't Dine and Dash

Celebrity Delly Store Front. Future outdoor seating coming soon?

Don't let the sign fool you...we are ABSOLUTELY OPEN! Though we are at 50% capacity, we have plenty of space for you.

Television...Rules the Nation

Welcome to the Future, Patrons! We've been waiting for you.

To assist in keeping our guests safe we have implemented a Digital Menu Display system which will display our entire menu along with pertinent information about the Delly & Daily Specials.

Where we're going, we don't need...Credit Cards?

Further on the technology side which as really helped in keeping us healthy and safe, we have purchased new NFC credit card readers which keep your hands free of any possible contamination via your smartphone device. Paying with a physical card? No problem! This system accepts chipped cards as well. With this wireless option for payment, our servers will bring these to your table to allow for quick and easy payment along with a tablet for you to sign for your convenience.

Food at Your Finger Tips

Furthermore, throughout the dining room we have implemented a new QR code scannable menu. These gorgeous displays were purchased through Webb Signs . Webb Signs is an amazingly professional, locally owned and small business which provided us with these QR code placards. This new menu system taps into our online website which has our updated, to the second, digital menu. This is loaded with photos and descriptions of all our menu items.

In the Hall of the Great Celebrity Delly

Our back hallway, which leads to our bathrooms and back kitchen has been remodeled, painted and reinforced with stainless steel paneling to create a more spacious hallway along with brighter lighting to guide the way.

I Feel Pretty

Finally, we remodeled and replaced our old bathroom floor & sink with new flooring in both bathrooms. These sanitary measures along with strict 15 minute sanitation of our bathrooms, contact surfaces, tables, counters, and chairs (more about that here) ensures your experience here at Celebrity Delly is safe, clean, yet one which you're familiar with. We hope you will come in during this time as reservations are limited (make your reservation today). We thank you for joining us on our little "virtual tour" and look forward to seeing you soon.

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