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Help Support our First Responders

We at Celebrity Delly have been fortunate enough to have scraped by during this COVID-19 crisis thanks to our wonderful patrons. We are wholeheartedly grateful for all of your food orders and that you come back as often as you do.

A few months ago we were lucky enough to be apart of a large and generous donation from Ann Petree & The AR Property Group. Ann connected with us in the hope we would fulfill the order. As we have been supported by all of you, we felt we honored to be apart of the donation process. Well with this in mind, we too felt since we have been very fortunate to keep our doors open and our staff employed, we should start our own GoFundMe.

This GoFundMe will go toward providing lunch to our First Responders at our local Inova Fairfax Hospital just 1 mile away. We are asking you for your generosity once again. This is our final push before we send over safe, healthy food over to the hospital on May 15th, 2020. Your donation will go toward feeding the staff at the hospital. Along with that, you will be supporting Celebrity Delly by providing us with the ability to fill this order so we can employee more staff members and give more hours. With more money available, it can go to feeding more and more nurses, doctors, and staff at the hospital. As time goes on, many of the workers over at the hospital are still working long hours with most food establishments closed when they eventually punch the clock to go home just to go back within a few hours to do it all over again.

The great advantage we have in providing food than other establishments is quality and cleanliness in our food. Many others have donated pizza as it is easily shareable amongst the staff and inexpensive. The problem with sharable food, such as pizza, during this time is it is not the best option to donate as it is an open item, calorically heavy, and does not stay fresh until they can eat the donation. Our meals are perfect as they are sealed, individually wrapped, fresh, and nutritiously designed.

Seal and Ready to Eat Meals (The newMRE?)
Sealed and Ready to Eat Meals (The new MRE?)

So please, donate today with our final push for our First Responders! We are hoping to get $2000 to feed as many in the hospital as possible, but do not let that stop you. Every dollar of this FINAL push, is going to provide this food to those who put their lives on the line on a daily basis.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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