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Face Coverings Required, Governor Northam Announced

Governor Northam announced on Wednesday May 27th, the requirement of face coverings in public establishments starting on Friday May 29th.

His announcement comes as Northern Virginia begins its entry into Phase 1 of the Forward Virginia plan. At the briefing, Northam said that anywhere people can congregate in groups (including but not limited to stores, restaurants, barbershops, government buildings and public transportation) they must wear face coverings. These are the few exceptions:

  • People who are eating or drinking at a restaurant.

  • People who are exercising.

  • People who have a health condition that prohibits a face covering.

  • Those who are under the age of 10, although Northam strongly recommended children over 3 years old to wear one, if possible.

The governor said the order will be enforced by the Virginia Department of Health, not law enforcement, though Northam noted the penalty can be a Class I misdemeanor.

For us at Celebrity Delly, we will be requesting each of our walk in guests observe the same rules required for all Phase 1 establishments. As many establishments move toward reopening, we too will follow all Phase 1 requirements of restaurants. Our dining room will not reopen (as we do not have outdoor seating) however, we will still be open to the public for carry-out and delivery.

If you plan on coming to place or pick up a carry-out order, we ask you to please observe these requirements. Anyone who is without a face covering will be politely asked to use one if it is in your vehicle or somewhere else on your person. Any guest unable to comply with this request, will be asked to step outside and place your order over the phone. Once your order is ready, we will bring your order out to you. Please keep in mind, these safeguards are in place to protect you, our other patrons and in compliance to the laws by which we are governed.

For more information regarding our plans to reopen our dining room and when you can expect joining us in our dining area, please subscribe at the bottom of the page or write us at

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