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Donations Continue to Roll Out

Donations continue to roll out here at Celebrity Delly which is now becoming one of the favorite choices of Inova Fairfax Hospital. MediaBarn is the most recent company to use Celebrity Delly for their donation needs with Inova Fairfax. Many at the hospital have found our food to be the perfect way to receive food due to the nutritional value of our meals, the quality, and our fresh sealed feature which allows for First Responders to enjoy their meal later on in their day.

We are still accepting donations toward food for Inova Fairfax Hospital and as always, we are still providing 20% off all online orders through our online ordering site. If you'd like to continue supporting Inova Fairfax Hospital, please join us on Friday May 15th, 2020 when we send over 100 meals to our First Responders. Simply donate through

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