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Governor Northam submits guidelines for reopening Restaurants amid COVID-19

Governor Northam today laid out his guidelines for reopening Virginia including restaurants, retail, salons, and more.

On Monday, Gov. Northam announced a three-phase plan to get the commonwealth back up and running. Phase one is set to be implemented on MAY 15th, 2020. Under this phase one of the plan, non-essential businesses like retail and salons can reopen with limited capacity, but entertainment and fitness facilities will remain closed.

See below for a full breakdown.

An excerpt from NBC 12 Richmond which lays out of how businesses should go about resuming business
An excerpt from NBC 12 Richmond which lays out of how businesses should go about resuming business

So how will this effect Celebrity Delly and other restaurant businesses? Under the highlighted excerpt, Celebrity Delly will STILL offer takeout and delivery services. However as we do not currently have a permit for outdoor seating, we will not be reopening our dining room for guests. However, keep in mind when arriving to our shop for takeout, please follow all floor markings which de-mark where to stand while waiting for your food. Our suggestion to help reinforce enhanced social distancing practices is to order through our NEW online ordering platform and requesting for curb-side pick up or delivery. If you would like to wait in the store, it is possible to do so while maintaining a 6 foot distance from the other person next to you and no more than 10 patrons inside the dining area at any times.

Once indoor seating is approved through the following phases, we will opening our doors to accepting in house dining. As much as we would love to have as many of you in our dining room during this future time, we will be following the strict guidelines which the Governor's Office will place upon us.

For more information on how we are maintaining enhanced standards of cleanliness, please refer to our COVID-19 policy dated March 20th, 2020 found below.

An Important Message

Coronavirus Policy Notification


To our Loyal Patrons

Celebrity Delly would like to take a moment during this time to speak to you about the ongoing situation regarding the Coronavirus and our policies and practices regarding what we are doing to prevent the spread of this virus. As a staple of our community for over 45 years, we have taken pride in our food handling procedures and our close working relationship with the Fairfax County Health Department. As well, we have an industrial restaurant cleaning company which comes in for 2 hours every evening who take that time to sanitize our establishment. This has been and will continue to be the status quo. More importantly, there are always more we can do as a business to enhance our cleaning practices AND provide you with the safest food possible. This is why we at Celebrity Delly have enacted the following protocols moving forward to keep you and our staff as safe as possible:

  • Expect all delivery drivers to deliver your food while wearing gloves and face masks. Furthermore, all cooks and cashiers who are directly handling your food will be wearing masks and gloves at all times.

  • All food will be delivered only in an individually wrapped container.

  • All of our staff have been required to wash their hands (at minimum) at a 15min basis whether they have interacted with food, guests, or any physical objects or not.

  • The staff is currently undergoing daily temperature readings to monitor their health status. If our staff has any indiction of any symptoms of illness, They will be asked not to come to work and report to their local hospital. We would rather have our restaurant short-staffed during this time than to take any chances of anyone getting else ill.

  • Our Multi-quat Sanitizer, which we wipe all of our tables and surfaces with, kill Coronavirus. We are now using textured disposable wipe along with this sanitizer to reduce the spread of any contaminates rather than using terry cloth towels dipped in our solution.

  • We have staff members sanitizing all contact surfaces every 15 minutes to reduce any exposure to the accidental transmission of the virus. This includes counters, door handles, and bathrooms.

  • Sanitized pens used for signing credit cards are available. Once used, we ask you to place the in the un-sanitized pen bin to be re-sanitized for use.

  • We have switched to a new dessert system which are repacked and wrapped from the distributor rather than having them made in house.

These steps, along with our ongoing steps to provide you with a clean and safe environment which you can trust, will ensure that you can feel safe to order from Celebrity Delly & to know your friends, family, and loved ones can and always will have a relaxing and safe environment where you can still enjoy all of your favorite foods. We look forward to seeing you and hope that even if you cannot join us, that you know we can deliver you the same quality and safest food via delivery. Thank you for your time and please, stay safe during this period,

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