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Celebrity Delly REOPENS to 100%. COVID Tracer in place

Starting July 1st, along with the rest of Virginia Celebrity Delly will be moving into Phase 3 of Forward Virginia and opening its doors to 100% capacity after weeks of 50% capacity restrictions.

Governor Northam said at a press conference last week that all of Virginia will be moving forward into Phase 3 of Forward Virginia starting July 1st. This is an exciting moment for all restaurants and businesses but for many there is still trepidation regarding dining in at your local favorite haunt. As it is clear the novel coronavirus is an ABSOLUTELY REAL occurrence, the public's trepidation is highly warranted. But as real as these fears are, there is an opportunity for local businesses to step up. Not simply by opening their doors and passing lip service (even with masks) to their guests, but by assuaging the fears of their clientele.

We have spoken at large in the past regarding our new policies and the implementation of said policies. The truth of the matter is that despite many businesses posting their enhanced policies, many still are apprehensive of dining inside any establishment. Not knowing whom is infected...Is the business sanitizing their contact surfaces? Is their staff safe? How do I know?

While our business is maintaining practices and doing our part in the reduction of the spread of COVID-19, we have taken on a John's Hopkins certified COVID-19 Tracer. We have hired this person to limit the risk of COVID-19 in our establishment. Furthermore, in the case of the unlikely event of infection this staff member will be able to assist in tracking the origin point of the infection, isolate, and contain the point of origin. Granted, this is not a foolproof solution and in no way is a guarantee to protect our guests, staff, and are the only one that can make that happen. But it is a step into the right direction to providing you with a more protected environment where you can feel your home away from home is safe for you and your loved ones.

We hope to see you soon.

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1 Comment

Linda Wahlers
Linda Wahlers
Apr 22, 2021

I have just discovered this place & thoroughly excited that you deliver to my area!! I'm anxiously awaiting my first order as I write this!! Praying it is going to transport me back home to my Jersey deli's!!! Looking forward to awesomeness!!


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